What I can do for you




Installing the mic’s and pushing the record button is part of the deal,
but if the technical stuff is the only thing you’re looking for you can
go to many other studios to get that.


I’m a hands-on producer which means I can work with you on your tracks like an extra band member. It’s this creative synergy that distinguishes me from others and allows you to benefit from my experience as a multi-instrumentalist and composer.


What we can achieve working together:


  • Identify the strengths of your song, lyrics and composition
  • Help you decide on the best sonic direction and groove for your tracks (helped by example tracks by your favourite artists)
  • Decide if any arrangements can be added or if any ‘darlings need to be killed’ to level up your song
  • Add some ‘Dufry-shine’ (arranging / co-writing / sound design etc. in collaboration with you as co-producer / musician)
  • Develop comprehensive audio mixes of your song
  • Guide you through the final audio post production steps including
    finding the right person to master your tracks.

Looking forward to pimp your tracks!

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